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Hypertherm Launch New Class of Plasma System



Hypertherm have recently launched their new plasma system, the XPR300, which is the first in a new class of mechanised plasma systems and represents Hypertherm’s most significant advance in mechanised plasma cutting technology to date.

Featuring Hypertherm's new X-Definition technology, the XPR300 brings more efficiency and significant advantages to the cutting process to not only mild steel cutting, but also to stainless steel and aluminium. The end result is faster cuts, advanced cut quality, increased power efficiencies, longer consumable life, squarer cut edges, markedly less angularity and an excellent surface finish on non-ferrous metals like aluminum and stainless steel. 

Phil Parker, Product Marketing Manager for Hypertherm XPR Plasma, said: “The arrival of X-Definition plasma and our new XPR300 is a huge step forward in the capabilities of plasma technology...The combination of faster cut speeds, unparalleled cut quality, intuitive features and automatic system monitoring make it our most advanced and productive plasma yet."

The new XPR300 X-Definition technology is now available on the Morgan Rushworth CNC plasma cutting machines and will replace the outgoing HPR260 XD, which will be phased out by July 2017. 


XPR300 Key Benefits


Superior Performance

  • Industry leading cut quality for stainless and aluminum
  • Mild steel cut quality is exceptional over longer duration than the competition
  • 15% increase in cut speeds

Efficiency and Ease of Use

  • Increased efficiency and easier to use over other plasma systems
  • Reduced console connections, EtherCAT connectivity, easy connect fitting and mobile device connectivity

Innovation and Convenience

  • Remote system monitoring from any device no matter where you are

Reliability and Reduced Costs

  • Ramp down error protection and automatic torch protection­ deliver optimal consumable life and prevent catastrophic torch failure
  • Greatly extended consumable life and torch protection­ reduces operating costs and downtime



For more information about the new XPR300, get in touch with a member of our technical sales team.