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Baykal BPM-T 1225/30 CNC Turret Punch Press

The Baykal BPM-T CNC Turret Punch Presses feature an extremely rigid ‘O’ frame design tested by Finite Element Analysis so that there is minimum deflection in the machine body even under maximum load and ensuring high precision performance. The machines are designed for high production with up to 1G acceleration when positioning and a maximum speed of 900 strokes per minute when nibbling at 1mm pitch. The 20 station turret features 4 indexable stations as standard which can be fitted with either 3 or 8 station multi tools. The BPM-T is capable of producing not only 2D components but when fitted with special tools can create 3D forms which wouldn’t be possible when using a profiling process. Lantek CAM software is included as standard and controls the importing of CAD drawings, component nesting onto the sheet and the creation of the machine ready program. Additional modules supplied can be used to create CAD drawings for components and also set up the current turret configuration.



  • Extremely rigid ‘O’ Frame design tested by Finite Element Analysis software, precisely machined and stress relieved
  • High strength, centrally driven beam fitted with three sheet clamps providing up to 1G acceleration
  • Heavy duty and precise sheet clamps with sliding system to prevent sheet jamming. Three sensors ensure clamps are tightened to beam, material clamps are activated and that there is no movement in the material
  • High quality Rexroth Star ball bearings and linear guides allow extremely precise positioning as well as high speed movement
  • Ball transfer and brush table combination
  • Moveable table system in Y axis ensuring the material is supported at the edges and reducing vibrations
  • 20 station turret including 4 indexable D stations capable of holding 3 or 8 station multi tools , 2 fixed D stations, 2 fixed C stations and 12 fixed B stations
  • Capable of producing not only 2D components but when fitted with special tools can create 3D forms up to 8mm deep in 1mm material
  • Patented Direct Drive index mechanism. There is no transfer unit between indexed tool and the motor which eliminates backlash and ensures the angle is precisely as programmed on the CNC control
  • Low energy hydraulic system with low and high pressure hydraulic pumps. By only utilising the high pressure pump when the operation requires it, energy savings of up to 50% are achieved. This system also results in reduced working noise level and extends the life of the hydraulic oil.
  • CE compliant light barrier system preventing entry to the working area. In the case of interruption the program can restart from the point at which it stopped
  • Ergonomic free standing CNC control console with 12” TFT colour monitor
  • Bosch MTX CNC Control System installed on industrial PC running Windows XP with 2GB RAM and 150GB Hard Disc
  • Lantek Nesting Software with the ability to import a variety of file formats including DXF with additional design model allowing parts to drawn from within the software. The Lantek software incudes includes a powerful nesting
  • Turret configuration module within the Lantek software allows the editing of the turret layout



  • Vacuum System for Scrap Removal
  • Scrap Conveyor            
  • Parts Conveyor             
  • Additional indexable D Station in Turret (up to a maximum of 10 including 3 standard) 
  • Indexable Multi Tools                                                                                                                
  • Additional license for Lantek CAM Software                                                                                    
  • Single punching tools and special forming tools
  • Special coated tools for stainless steel


Technical Specification

MODEL BPM-T 1225/30
Punching Force (Tonne)  30
Total number of Tool Stations 20
No of Indexable Tool Stations (3 or 8 Tool Multi Tools) 4
Tool Change Time - Multi Tools (sec) 0.3
Tool Change Time - Turret (sec) 3
CNC Controlled Axes  X, Y, Z, C1 + C2, T 
Working Range without Repositioning (X x Y) (mm) 2540 x 1270
X Axis Repositioning Yes
X Axis Speed (m/min) 100
Y Axis Speed (m/min) 80
X & Y Axis Combined Speed (m/min) 128
C1 & C2 Rotational Speed (RPM) 300
Z Axis Stroke (mm) 30
T Rotational Speed (RPM) 20
Nibbling Rate - 1mm Pitch (hit/min) 900
Nibbling Rate - 25mm Pitch (hits/min) 580
Maximum Sheet Weight (kg) 170
Maximum Sheet Thickness (mm) 6.4
Punching Accuracy (mm) 0.1
Repeatability (mm) 0.04
Maximum Punching Diameter for 6.4mm Thickness (mm) 25
Number of Material Clamps 3
Working Height of Table (mm) 980
Oil Tank Capacity (litre) 300
Motor Power (kW) 11
Length (mm) 5570
Width (mm) 5210
Height (mm) 2220
Weight (kg) 14000

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