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Atra ACE 5000 Powerfeed Magnetic Drilling Machine

The Atra Ace 5000 Power Feed Magnetic Drill 110V’ with auto feed have been specially designed for use with TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) cutters. They have the benefit of cutting in excess of 3x more holes per cutter compared to ordinary HSS (High Speed Steel) and increase productivity as they are run at far higher rotational speeds. However, standard M2 High Speed Cutters can be used on this machine using the weld on shank arbour adapter.


  • Large model range from easily portable lightweight machines to heavy duty workshop machines
  • All machines supplied with carrying case
  • Powerful magnetic base for secure grip to the work area
  • Unique powerfeed through the cut saving time and increasing safety
  • Unique load sensor control ensuring cutter force feedback for optimised feed speed
  • Overload protection enabling cutter to be automatically stopped to prevent breakage if there is excessive force
  • Magquick Arbor ensuring tool free cutter replacement



Technical Specification

MODEL Atra 5000
Clamping Force kgs 1150
Motor watts 1150
Speed rpm 350 / 650
Cutter capacity mm 50 x 75
Twist drill capacity mm -
Norse taper No -
Countersink capacity mm 50
Tapping capacity -
Shank 3/4" MagQuick
Length mm 613
Width mm 237
Height mm 613
Weight kg 23